Course Info

March 8, 5pm to 8pm — Packet Pick Up Map

March 9, 7am  — Full Marathon Start Hurricane Rec Center

March 9, 7am  — Flat & Fast Half Marathon Start  Hurricane Rec Center

March 9, 7:30am  — Half Marathon Hill Challenge Start Map

Course Information


The Sand Hollow Marathon and Half Marathon let’s you pick your course.  We offer a full out-and-back 26.2 mile marathon and two 13.1 half marathon courses.  Select our flat & fast half marathon or our amazing hill challenge course.  ALL courses offer haw-dropping scenery, amazing volunteers, finisher medals and more.


26.2 miles

Our indoor start at the Hurricane Rec. Center offers athletes the opportunity to relax and keep warm while waiting for their start.  Take advantage of the indoor restrooms and enjoy chatting with your fellow runners.


Fast Half

13.1 miles

The Flat & Fast Half also starts at the Hurricane Rec Center.  All athletes are welcome to hang out inside.  Rest up and be ready to start at 7am.

Hill Half

13.1 miles

Our epic Hill Challenge Half starts at the turning point for our epic full marathon. Runners will start promptly at 7:30.  Take a shuttle or car pool with fellow runners to the start.

2018 course maps – We will be posting 2019 course maps as soon as they are available.

2019 Course Map and details, including shuttle information, will be posted soon.


Packet Pick-Up and Map

Packet Pick-Up takes place Friday evening and Saturday morning at:

Hurricane Rec Center
63 S. 100 W.
Hurricane, UT 84737

Find on Google Maps



Volunteer Opportunities

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” — Anonymous


The simple fact is this: We need you, we love you and best of all we will give you a super-rad t-shirt in exchange for you missing a little sleep! If anyone out there in Southern Utah volunteered for the St. George Ironman, you know how cool you felt after your service at the event. Personally I wore my Ironman “volunteer” shirt for a week straight after I did!

, Friday 6pm - 9pm, Saturday 6am - 6:30

This would include helping runners with the sign in- handing out race bags and helping with set-up and take down, if you are super-friendly and extremely nice this is a great place for you!

Start Line

Anything and everything to help us get going early in the morning, making and serving hot chocolate and treats – you would have to be up early for this! But this is an awesome place to be!

Course Officials

You get to hang out – and make sure that everyone completes the course – you can even bring your ipod and blast out that ?? song that makes you feel like dancing! Go ahead, the runners will love it!

Finish Line (medal hanger)

You are the person who puts the medal over the head of the runner at the finish- it doesn’t get any better than that!

Aid Stations

Water, Gatorade, fruit, gel, and a heaping helping of “hey – great job,” ” you guys rock,” that’s you. You will be out on the course early and be there until the racers have run past you- think of it as a party with about 4-8 of your best friends and a couple of thousand guests who drop in for a drink or a snack!

Medical Stations

The runners will LOVE you, and you will stand 2 inches taller at the end of the day from all the compliments that are heaped upon you from runners who will need things like: moleskin, Vaseline, massage, icy-hot, bio freeze, etc.,


(this means ANYONE who wishes to cheer on the runners- no, you don’t have to wear a skirt or do back-flips- but if you can, we won’t stop you)

If you are loud and not shy- this is the moment that you have been waiting for- if you had been running for 20 miles how would you feel if someone yelled out “Hey- Dude you are totally rockin’ it, great job!” or “You go Girl, – you just blew past that guy like he was standing still”- that would be cool huh? Well here’s your chance!

Other Opportunities

We will also have many other opportunities available for a variety of volunteers as we move forward closer to race day, if you have any questions please contact me; Chris Mathisen at or 435-680-0705

Sand hollow marathon

Register to Race!

Ready for awesome?  Commit to be here this March.  The Sand Hollow Marathon and Half Marathon is the most beautiful course you will EVER run.  Pick your distance, pick your course.